LIOP 2014-2020: General description

General description

LIOP is financing activities in 4 sectors: transport infrastructure, environmental protection, risk management and climate changes regulations, energy and energetic efficiency, contributing to EU Strategy for and intelligent, sustainable and favorable alignment.

The project called “Rehabilitation and extension of water supply and sewerage systems in Brasov County”, financed by SOP Environment 2007-2013, through Cohesion Fund, represents a significant stage inside general rehabilitation and extension of water supply and sewerage systems from Brasov County, continuing the investment process powered by ISPA Program, that of creating regional systems on water segment.

The updated Master Plan is elaborated as a part of the Technical Assistance Services for the management of the project “Rehabilitation and extension of water supply and sewerage systems in Brasov County”.

The main purpose of this document is identifying and establishing of needed investment priorities for EU Directive Compliance with water and wastewater sectors, in the period 2013 – 2042 (Long Term Investment Plan).


The goal of the proposed investments is the increase of the performance indicators (operational, managerial, financial), of the service level and efficiency of water supply service assigned to the project area, as follows:

  • The improvement of the water supply network coverage degree through the expansion of the distribution networks and the rise of the population connectivity rate;
  • Water loss management, water volume included up to an admissible value of system functioning, the measure materialized through water supply and distribution pipes rehabilitation, with major implications in water loss control as a result of water losses infiltrated in the sewage network in the efficient functioning in the waste water treatment plants, in energetic consumption reduction, in improvement of water sources exploitation;



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