CL1ISPA - Rehabilitation of Tarlung Water Treatment Plant

CL1ISPA - Rehabilitation of Tarlung Water Treatment Plant

I. Rehabilitation of Tarlung Water Treatment Plant

  • Contract price to signing was of 15.790.689, 15 Euro
  • Contract implementation period was of 57 months and 15 days

Drinking Water Treatment Plant rehabilitation had settled the followings:

  • Increase the treatment capacity to a maximum flow of 2,200 l/s even in condition of high turbidity, with observance of EU Directive regarding water quality.  The water treatment technology was chose so as to fulfilled the water quality conditions (A2 acc EU Directives), to be flexible and to have the appropriate litheness regarding the environmental conditions. More than that, the new capacity of the Water Treatment Plant justifies the closing down of the Harman - Prejmer well field.
  • Monitoring and automation of the entire technological process and the opportunity of interventions in real time.
  • The water treatment process is  flexible and capable to be adapted to the different qualities of the raw water.
  • Collection and treatment of the backwashing water and the sludge resulted form this process is dewatered and transported to an ecological deposit.
  • The use equipment has high efficiency and reliability.

The success in images of the contract "Rehabilitation of Tarlung Water Treatment Plant":

Tarlung - Sediu Tarlung - Bazin Tarlung - Bazin Tarlung - Bazin
Tarlung - Camin de distributie Tarlung - Hala Tarlung - Hala Tarlung - Post de transformare
Tarlung - Statie chimica Tarlung - Statie pompe    

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