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Brasov SOP ENV

Compania Apa Braşov implemented the project “Rehabilitation and Extension of Water and Sewerage Systems in Braşov County”, as part of Priority Axe 1 “Extension and modernization of water and waste water systems” and was developed under the Financing Contract no. 89853/21.07.2009, concluded between Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (in it capacity of Management Authority for SOP ENV) and SC Compania Apa Braşov SA (in it capacity of Beneficiary).

The Financing Contract amount was of  700.239.946 Lei at the date of contract signing and represented  98% of project eligible value that the Beneficiary has the right to claim for reimbursement from Cohesion Fund and Central Budget.

The Project monitoring entity was Intermediary Body Region 7 Center Sibiu.

Project total amount was of 565,64 millions Lei out of which:

  • Eligible amount (Cohesion Funds and contribution of IDA members) at the date of contract signing, representing 98% of eligible amount: 508,63 millions Lei
  • Cohesion Fund and State Budget: 498,46 millions Lei
  • Local Budget: 10,17 millions Lei
  • Reimbursable loan from EBRD: 57,00 millions Lei

The Contract validity was until 31st of December 2015. 


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